Yes, We Are Still Open.

Sort of.

We’ve temporarily shut down the retail store in compliance with orders delivered by the Province of Ontario on March 22nd, 2020. With that said, we continue to shift focus to our online store as we have been for the last couple weeks. More online orders came through last week than we have seen all year. This kind of support from our customers  is so encouraging during this unprecedented time. We’d like to think MUSIC of all things, is the most essential to maintaining normalcy moments like this. People need to stay inspired, especially when it means being stuck at home with nothing but time on their hands. Use this opportunity to discover new muses. Many of our followers are revisiting their record collections and posting their favourites on their social media channels. This has been encouraging fans to embrace new albums they’ve never heard before.

Curb-side Pick-Up or Qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

We’ve sent so many records out over the past week, it’s been so encouraging to feel the love from our fans while we navigate this new alternate reality. Much like take-out, we are offering our local customers the opportunity to pick up their orders from the door of our retail store. We are following all the recommended safety practices outlined by Public Health to do this in the safest way possible. Simply choose IN-STORE PICK UP when you check out. No customers are permitted in the shop during this time, everything must go through the online store.  As always, we’ve maintained our policy of offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders exceeding $99 or more.  This also includes sale items. We are running our SPRING SALE right now featuring special savings on some of the most popular albums and reissues of the past year.

The Beat Goes ON.

Our business partners are still sending us records. Not all of them unfortunately, but we are still placing orders with the record companies that are willing to accept them. Our online store usually allows you to order out-of-stock items but with our supply chain challenges, we don’t feel confident to be able to fill outstanding requests. You can always email us any product requests or inquire about potential restocks. We do expect all of our vendors to be back in business sometime in mid-April. Inventory is live on our website, reflecting what product has been received.

Thank you.

Honestly, we feel so fortunate to be able to continue to live this dream when there is so much uncertainty in the world. We will all get through this incredibly difficult time together. We will rise above. Continue to seek out opportunities in your community to support small business. Gift cards do matter. We’ve actually added ours to our online store because so many customers asked to buy them as a means to support the dream.