Originally posted November 5th, 2017

From the pages of my notebook in July to the physical store that I am standing in right now, it’s almost hard to believe that it actually happened.

This dream started 5 years ago as an idea in my head as I was leading the HMV Toronto Superstore.  My idea was to take the best of Superstore and put it into a much smaller space with lower rent than the average mall.  Ultimately opening up these clever little stores in thriving urban neighborhoods.  HMV did many things very well and product most importantly was one of those things.  Specifically at the Superstore I led a team of passionate buyers who wanted to do nothing more than bring in cool stuff that people wanted.  I know the mall stores were neglected, so apologies if that’s the only HMV experience you had.  At Pop Music it will be all about showing off the best of what is out there, while building a product offer that is inspired by the customers who shop at the store.

Location! Location! Location!  This Toronto neighbourhood of East Chinatown is going through some big transformations and it’s a thrill to be part of the dozen plus businesses that have made this area their home in the past year.  With 3 major streetcar lines crossing Broadview and Gerrard at least every 10 minutes I couldn’t ask for more exposure.  It’s also the cross section between Riverside and Riverdale, with Leslieville and Corktown neighborhoods being just a short distance away.

The doors open officially this Friday.  Come by to say hello!